Alfons Walde

The “Titan of Tyrol and Chronicler of Kitzbühel” is a major figure in Tyrolean art and architecture.
By Eric Bryan

Since the 1930s, the paintings of Austrian artist Alfons Walde have been representative of and nearly synonymous with the snowy alpine landscapes, skiing, and other winter sports of Tyrol. Walde was the first artist to successfully use skiing as a subject in painting, and his fellow countrymen regard him as the first modernist painter of skiing-themed works.

Born in Oberndorf near Kitzbühel in Tyrol on February 8, 1891, Walde was raised in Kitzbühel where his family moved in 1892. From 1903-10 Walde attended the Realschule in Innsbruck. During these years he began to create watercolors and tempera paintings in an expressionistic style.

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