Chorin Monastery

This imposing site is one of the most important brickwork landmarks in northern Germany.

By James Derheim
Photographs Courtesy James Derheim

Those racing up the Autobahn 11 between Berlin and the Polish border at Szczecin (Stettin) would be wise to take the opportunity for a leg stretch and learning experience at one of the best examples of Northern German Brick Gothic, Chorin Monastery, just off the expressway near Eberswalde.

The sprawling complex of red brick, manufactured on site by skilled craftsmen, had its heyday in the period of 1258 to 1280 when it was established by the Ascanian Margraves to exert their influence and to provide a suitable resting place for their esteemed remains. This was also a period in history when providing money to build churches was considered as a ticket to Heaven, sort of a TSA pre-approval for the soul.

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