Gin, Please!

Courtesy SouthWest Germany

Most people associate SouthWest Germany with its delicious wines as it has two extensive, award-winning wine regions or with beer as it has many of its own breweries or with Schnapps as at least half of Germany’s delicious fruit Schnapps is produced in the Black Forest with its 14,000 distilleries. What many people do not know is that SouthWest Germany is an emerging, creative gin producer. It all started in 2010 with the gin fairy tale about the now famous “Monkey 47”. There is now a wide range of extraordinary gins that stand out due to their aromas, the method of production, or their design. In Heidelberg, there is 315 Upstairs Gins which refers to the 315 steps it takes to get from the Old Town to the famous castle and the ingredients include blueberry and bergamot.

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