female nurse giving senior woman medical pills


Understanding the German Healthcare System
By Jackie Guigui-Stolberg

COVID-19 has illustrated the value of Germany’s healthcare system. By November 30, 2020, the Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center reported that Germany ‘s death rate per 100,000 people was only 1/4 of that in the U.S.

It’s funny: Americans speak of health insurance, but Germans say Krankenversicherung (“sickness insurance“). Typical German pessimism? Probably not. Germans fret less about healthcare than Americans do. According to a recent Gallup poll on what people worry about most in different countries, healthcare tops an American worry list. In Germany, healthcare comes only in sixth place among people’s top worries, far behind gloomy thoughts about terrorism, social unrest caused by immigration, geopolitical turmoil, and political extremism.

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