Shining in New Splendor

After years of extensive renovation, the Görlitz Synagogue, the most visible evidence of Jewish history in Görlitz in eastern Saxony, has reopened. Anyone visiting the synagogue will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by its architectural beauty and the fascinating play of colors in the dome hall. A gold-plated scale pattern and majestic-looking lions adorn the ceiling. Precious materials in fine workmanship emphasize the east wall with the Torah shrine.

Consecrated in 1911, it is a miracle that the Jewish sacred building is still preserved. During the pogram night on November 9, 1938, the imposing building was set on fire, yet the fire brigade saved the building. The synagogue is one of the few synagogues in Germany to have survived National Socialism and the Kristallnacht. After 1945, when the Jewish community no longer worshipped there, the monument came under the city’s ownership in 1963 and was used as a warehouse for theater sets.

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