Turning Snow into Art

Marcio Morais charms guests as a ski lift employee and as an artist with his snow sculptures.
Courtesy Switzerland Tourism

Evolène is the fourth largest commune, in area, in Switzerland and offers an extensive choice of outdoor activities, especially in winter. With more than 100 km (62 miles) of ski slopes, 250 km (155 miles) of hiking trails, snowshoe excursions, helicopter-skiing with mountain guides, two of the best cross-country ski circuits in Central Valais, and two natural skating rinks, it’s no wonder Marcio immediately fell in love with the region.

“There’s something special about Evolène. It’s a hidden gem. Everyone knows everyone here, it’s like a big family. And this environment is really special,” he says as he casts his gaze across the panorama. The mountain environment is truly impressive, dominated by the omnipresent Dent Blanche, a 4,000 m (13,123 ft) majestic peak, and framed by dozens of other magnificent peaks and glaciers.

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