Nature Awakens in Swiss Parks

Courtesy Switzerland Tourism

19 Swiss Parks throughout Switzerland

270,000 residents lived in Swiss Parks in 2020

548 km2 (212 mi2) the size of the largest Swiss Park, Parc Ela

12.7% or 5,269 km2 (2,034 mi2) of land is covered by Swiss parks

120 km2 (46 mi2) the size of the smallest Swiss Park, Parco Val Calanca

1914 the year the Swiss National Park was founded

Gantrisch Nature Park

This diverse park of 402 km2 (155 mi2) is in a triangle between the cities of Bern, Fribourg, and Thun. Points of interest include: the recovered Gantrisch mountain lake, the Gägger walkway, the village of Guggisberg, and the monastery ruins in Rüeggisberg.

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