Winter Lights on Christmas Nights in Luxembourg

It may be small but Germany’s neighbor to the east overflows with culture and history.

By Alevtina Altenhof

Luxembourg is worth a visit at any time of the year. But when the never-ending chains of lights envelop the capital in a festive atmosphere during the (pre) Christmas-season, soaking in this environment is like walking through a Christmas wonderland filled with delightful aromas of local specialties—like Gromperekichelcher (potato pancakes) or Träipen (blood sausage)—and surrounded by beautifully decorated Christmas chalets offering hot beverages and snacks, arts, crafts and toys. The opening of the traditional Christmas markets and the setting up of the seasonal illuminations scattered throughout the city center mark the start of Luxembourg’s Winterlights Festival and enhance the pre-Christmas atmosphere in the ducal capital. This is a time of the year when the city immerses itself in a fairy-tale-like winter world: turning the silhouette of the former fortress city with its snow-capped city wall, towers and bridges—perched on a rocky plateau with a sheer drop below—into a stunning backdrop from which, once seen, it is hard to look away.

When the spirit of Christmas is in the Luxembourg air, it is a thoroughly exciting experience to stroll amidst the stalls adorned with all kinds of typical Christmas products to suit every taste or to enjoy numerous impeccably organized outdoor concerts and various cultural, musical and artistic events. Restaurants—big and small—do their best to entice visitors with special Christmas menus. And well, there is no doubt that you will get your money’s worth.

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