The Wonders of Wismar

Sea air, a rich and storied history and the unique and beautiful architecture of this Hanseatic city make it a true German treasure.

By Leah Larkin

Wismar is often used by filmmakers. It’s no surprise. When walking through this picturesque town it seems you are on a medieval movie set. Ancient building after building in perfect condition. Gabled houses. Cobbled streets. Astonishing churches. And, it’s all genuine.
It is an amazing “wow” experience. The town center of the city on the Baltic, along with neighboring Stralsund, joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2002. Both were prominent in the Hanseatic trading league with characteristic red brick Gothic architecture. During the boom days of the Hansa period, the wealthy wanted to construct impressive buildings to show their social status. A unique architectural style using red brick became popular throughout the Baltic: North German red brick Gothic. Simple red bricks, made of clay, were the building blocks of imaginative gabled houses, town walls and churches.

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