Brand Value of Germany in First Place Worldwide

Germany will remain in first place in the prestigious Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index (NBI) in 2018. The ranking rates the brand image of 50 nations worldwide. Japan and the United Kingdom occupy the second and 3rd place.

Petra Hedorfer, chair of the GNTB’s board of directors, explains: “Germany enjoys an excellent reputation in the highly competitive environment of the world’s most important economic nations. Since 2006, we have always been among the top 3, for the fifth time we are ranked 1st. This positioning confirms the permanence of our promotion of Germany as a destination. With our marketing activities, especially the digital campaigns, we are working to ensure that Germany remains well positioned in the future. “

The NBI evaluates the current reputation of a country in six fields: exports, government, culture, people, tourism and immigration/investment, which in turn consist of 30 location factors.

In all six segments Germany will be ranked among the TOP 10 in 2018. The long-term comparison of ten years shows an extraordinarily stable perception of Germany. Regarding the exports (3rd place) and the government (4th place), Germany will receive the same ranking as in 2018. Perceptions of immigration and investment potential improve in a ten-year comparison from 5th to 3rd place, culture from 4th to third place, tourism from 10th to 9th place, only the image of the population declines to 8th place in 2018, one place lower than in 2008.

As part of the 2nd Germany Incoming & Brand Summit of the GNTB, Dr. Ing. Vadim Volos, Global Director NBI, presented first detailed results on the importance of culture as part of the identity of Germany as a travel destination. According to this, sports and museums are associated with Germany’s culture by 40% of respondents. Between 20 and 30% indicate design, film, music, visual arts and opera houses.

Concerning the offer of cultural tourism, Germany is the market leader in the cultural travel segment in Europe. The study (NBI) also shows a correlation in the tourism and culture segment over a long time series.

Courtesy German National Tourist Office

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