Stroh and JÄgertee

These Austrian rums provide a kick to drinks, cocktails, and sweet recipes
By Leah Larkin

After braving freezing temperatures on snowy slopes, nothing beats a warm-up like a hot, après-ski drink. The Austrian special, Jägertee (Hunter’s Punch) is a winner. Potent and spicy, you can feel its warmth tingling down to your toes, and it is sure to soothe your spirits.

“After one you ski better. After two, you can’t ski,” commented Trina who, with husband Ian, has been a regular on the slopes of Lech, Austria, for many years. They imbibed the fiery drink, she said, but with caution.

I discovered this delicious beverage many years ago, and loved it, but also learned to stop at one unless my ski day was over.

The key ingredient of Jägertee is Stroh Rum, an Austrian spirit known for its high alcohol content, up to 160 proof, and distinguishing flavors of vanilla and butterscotch. The company makes and bottles the Jägertee brew, but it is just 80 proof—not so wicked. However, some ski huts make their own concoction, blending Stroh with tea, Schnapps, wine, orange juice, lemons, cloves, and cinnamon. These can knock your socks off.

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