450th Anniversary

The beautiful and imposing Augustusburg castle sits on top of a quartz mountain overlooking the Ore Mountains in southeast Saxony close to Chemnitz and one hour south of Dresden. Built as a hunting and leisure lodge in the 16th century at the behest of Elector Augustus of Saxony, it is considered one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in Central Europe. The castle museum houses several very diverse exhibitions including the history of the castle and its hunting tradition, its exquisite horse-drawn carriages, the largest motorcycle collection in Europe, and one of the most valued Cranach paintings of the electoral family in contemporary Renaissance habit.

For the 450th anniversary year, visitors will have the opportunity to experience several interactive exhibits staging the life and work of Elector Augustus of Saxony (1526-1586), a ruler who developed Saxony into a model state of economic and cultural prosperity. Thirteen themed rooms and exhibits on the regional and cultural history illuminate a wide variety of his work and the time. The highlight is the 360-degree multimedia show in the summer hall of Augustusburg Castle, where one will be transported to a princely banquet or become part of the hunting party, the lively goings-on in the castle kitchen, and the electoral feast.

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