Exploring Switzerland’s “world” capital.

By Wibke Carter
Photographs Courtesy Wibke Carter

On Lake Geneva, the paddle steamer Savoie glides past the famous fountain. In the background, the mighty cathedral stands out against the silhouette of the old town, and in the distance, the always snow-covered peak of Mont Blanc sparkles in the evening light. From the left bank of the lake, Geneva looks like a postcard motif. But the largest city in French-speaking Switzerland is also multicultural, colorful, and exciting. Known as a predominantly business city, home to trusted banks and headquarters of international organizations, Geneva will surprise the most demanding travelers.

Water Galore
Geneva’s landmark is the Jet d’Eau. It can be seen from almost every part of the old town and even when flying over the city at 33,000 feet. The fountain was installed as early as 1886, originally as a safety valve to control the pressure released by the nearby hydraulic plant at Coulouvrenière.

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