Relaxing Places Close toGerman Cities

Courtesy German National Tourist Office

While Germans are famous for working hard and meticulously, they also know how to enjoy and relax in nature. Explore these green oases, including dunes, lakes, canals, and nature reserves that are all just a short train ride from Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Duisburg, and Nuremberg.

Berlin’s Neu-Venedig
In the southeast corner of Berlin is the idyllic residential estate of Neu-Venedig (New-Venice). Here the Müggelspree river branches out into canals, which are incredibly beautiful and calming. The story of Neu-Venedig began in 1890, when the town of Köpenick purchased the estates of Rahnsdorf and Hessenwinkel. Originally, the marshy ground was to be drained so that housing could be developed, but in 1926, canals were built instead. While five canals and thirteen bridges might not be quite as big as its Italian inspiration, it’s at least as charming to explore by bike, canoe, or small boat.

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