Street Art Culture

Courtesy German National Tourist Board

Flying horses, pop art bananas and fire hydrants with flower patterns: street art is taking over urban areas. But it’s not all about spraying or tagging. In many places, you will find art that catches the eye, such as yarn-bombed lampposts, bins with monster eyes or placards that employ techniques of irony or alienation. Here’s a creative share of six exciting street art cities in Germany.

Walls have become canvases on which street artists can express themselves in oversized forms. The underground culture is particularly active in Cologne, which has become a haven for urban artists. Many murals can be found in the district of Ehrenfeld. Original, small-format street art, such as stickers, paste-ups and stencils (graffiti with a template) can be admired at trendy local spots on Körnerstraße, Lichstraße and Heliosstraße.

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