10 Facts about theViennese CoffeeHouse

Courtesy Vienna Tourist Board

The Viennese coffeehouse is an institution. The German writer Bertolt Brecht perfectly summed it up when he said of Vienna: “The city is built around a few coffeehouses where the population sits together and reads papers.” There is a lot to be said about Viennese coffeehouses and not everyone will be aware of these ten facts:

Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO

A typical Viennese coffeehouse exudes a unique atmosphere with booths, bentwood Thonet chairs, marble and newspaper tables, and coffee in all its rich varieties from Melange (a shot of espresso “lengthened” slightly with hot water, topped with hot milk and milk foam) to Einspänner (a shot of hot espresso topped with whipped cream). Like Viennese Heuriger wine tavern culture, traditional Viennese coffeehouse culture now appears on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural assets because “the coffeehouses are a place where patrons consume time and space, but only the coffee appears on the bill.”

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