Refreshing Red Fruit & Berry Treats for Summertime Heat
By Sharon Hudgins • Photographs Courtesy Sharon Hudgins

Kids can be weird. You already know that if you have children yourself. And even if you don’t have little tykes running all over your house, you’ve surely heard parents’ stories about the strange things these small humans can do. I know from experience: I was once a kid myself.

Around the age of seven or eight, I suddenly decided that I couldn’t (or maybe just wouldn’t) eat anything red. No, it wasn’t a political statement (although during those days of the Cold War, it could have been). I was just being a typical weird kid.

Weirdness isn’t supposed to make sense. And in my case, it certainly didn’t. By abjuring anything red, I was denying myself many foods that I loved: strawberry shortcake, cherry cobbler, cherry pie, red velvet cake, cranberry sauce, strawberry jam, red plum jam, red Popsickles, red licorice. I didn’t mind giving up red apples (didn’t like them anyway) or strawberry soda pop (yuck). But why would a child willingly avoid eating things she liked—while happily munching on everything else?

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