Walking in the Footsteps of Kings

Courtesy Bavaria.by

The Soiernsee lakes near Krün are known colloquially as Himmelsaugen (Eyes of Heaven). Here King Ludwig II of Bavaria owned a hunting lodge, which he used less for hunting and more as a residence to enjoy the views of the mountains from his sailing boat “Tristan” on the upper Lake Soiernsee.

Today you can still follow in the footsteps of the Fairly Tale King by walking from Krün to the Soiernhaus and on to the 2,050 meter peak of Schöttlkarspitz. The way to the Soiernhaus and the more distant Fischbachalm goes along a forestry track. From the Fischbachalm you can choose whether to continue to Lake Soiernsee on the tamer Hundsstall (Dog Kennel) or more demanding Lakaiensteig (Lackey’s Ascent) route. Once you arrive at the Soiernhause, the two emerald-green Soiernsee lakes surrounded by six mountain peaks await in the Soiern basin. On a hot summer’s day, it’s refreshing to cool off by dipping your feet in one of the lakes. As soon as you leave the basin, both the Schöttkarspitze and the Soiernspitze offer unique panoramic views of the mountain scenery and on a clear day, you can even make out Lake Walchen and Lake Starnberg in the distance.

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