Baroque Treasures

Experience a taste of the Upper Swabian Baroque Route.
Courtesy Oberschwaben Tourism GmbH

Embark on a journey along the 860 kilometer (534 mile) Upper Swabian Baroque Route through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and discover wonderous treasures of the Baroque era. Four routes and more than 50 adventure stations allow for a full baroque experience. Enjoy this small sampling.

The famous rococo church in Birnau is a baroque jewel with its view of Lake Constance and the Alps and interior art such as the well-known Honigschlecker (Honeylicker), a symbol of Saint Bernhard whose sermons are said to have flowed out of his mouth like honey. Masters like Peter Thumb, Josef Anton Feuchtmayer and Gottfried Bernhard Götz were at work here. Experience the kingdom of heaven under the white and gold art of small baroque churches such as the Steinhausen pilgrimage church. It’s no wonder that it is also called the “most beautiful village church in the world”.
The thought of a Baroque church without an imposing organ is inconceivable. Masterpieces such as the famous Gabler organ in the Ochsenhausen monastery church are visually and acoustically impressive. Anyone who doesn’t experience goosebumps while listening to its deep sounds will certainly shudder at the sight of the richly decorated bones of baroque cult of relics.

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