PART I: Savory Dumplings
By Sharon Hudgins

Your Dumpling Detective has been hard at work in the kitchen! After poring over dozens of cookbooks and hundreds of dumpling recipes—not to mention eating my way around Central Europe enough to begin looking like a dumpling myself—I thought it only fair to share with you the tastes of some of those crafty characters. (For a compendium of dumpling types, variations, and descriptions, see “The Dumpling Detective,” p. 8.)

For this column, I’m focusing on savory (non-sweet) dumplings, with recipes for three very different kinds: Königsberger Klopse (classic East Prussian meat dumplings), Bavarian Semmelknödel (South German bread dumplings), Gekochte Kartoffelklösse (a basic potato dumpling from Saxony in Eastern Germany). Although all of them are cooked by boiling, the recipes have different main ingredients. Together, they illustrate the wide variety of dumpling types found in the Germanic lands.

In my April/May column, I’ll introduce you to some of the sweet dumplings so beloved in Germany and Austria. Meanwhile, practice your dumpling-making skills on the following savory main-dish and sidekick dumplings from different corners of Germany.
Guten Appetit!

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