Vienna’s Sidewalk Cafés

Courtesy WienTourismus

As soon as the sun shines and the temperatures rise, people take a seat in one of Vienna’s sidewalk cafés to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine outdoors. Viennese sidewalk cafés are set up on the first warm sunny days in spring around March 1 and last until November 30.

The sidewalk café is a Viennese specialty as they are located on public land—mostly on a square, in a pedestrian zone, on the sidewalk, or in a parking space yet always in the immediate vicinity of the actual establishment. In total, there are around 3,500 sidewalk cafés in Vienna where flower boxes and large plants replace the garden fence and parasols provide cool shade in summer. When the weather’s cool, the waiters bring warm blankets. And, of course, seeing and being seen is as important to those walking by and those already seated.

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